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I'm Leigh, the Soulful Marketing Coach 

I help gifted coaches like you bring your marketing into alignment to magnetise your dream clients effortlessly, get fully booked and share your light with the world.
How? Seamlessly blending intuitive coaching, 15+ years of marketing expertise, over a decade of transformational energy and belief work and my straight from the soul system, The Lit Method. 


"Leigh stands out from the crowd because of her genuine passion for helping people deliver their deepest gifts to the world. Her wisdom and guidance is rooted in decades of hard-won experience which she gives incredibly generously, and with laser-sharp focus on her client's real needs. She truly is one of a kind." 

"Leigh has been a sacred key in the expansion of my business."


Sophie Bashford

"Demand was so high I released a second course and it too sold out.

Leigh's impressive experience and skill-set are backed up by her huge heart, consistent positivity and her deep intuitive connection." 

"I sold out my first group course in 4 days using Leigh's soulful strategies."


Barbara Collins

"Thank you for truly having my back and my heart. I couldn't have done this without your support. You are truly one-of-a-kind."

"I went from teaching yoga classes to signing high ticket coaching packages!"


Charlene Lite

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