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I help gifted coaches like you bring your marketing into alignment to magnetise your dream clients effortlessly, get fully booked and share your light with the world. 



How to write copy that connects with your dream clients and has them excited to work with you.

7 October 2020

Developing a deep connection with your dream clients is the secret to creating a marketing system that powers itself. But, how do you do this when you are trying to appeal to a huge group of people that you haven’t even met yet? Below is my failsafe approach to copy that connects right to soul, and has your dream clients pressing “BUY NOW” immediately.

Get clear on your dream clients

The first thing that you need to do is get crystal clear on who your dream clients are. Clue: It’s not EVERYONE in the world. By having a crystal clear picture of who your dream clients are, their needs and goals you’ll be able to attract your ideal audience by creating content specifically for them.

It can be helpful to choose a current or former client who feels like a dream client, and pretend like you’re writing directly to them.

Talk to them directly

Talking directly to your reader creates an instant connection and can have powerful results because of the familiar tone.

Use words like “you” and “yours.” instead of talking about “I” and “mine” or “people” and “women”. Pretend that you’re standing across from your dream client and having a conversation.

Speak their language

The more closely your copy mirrors your dream client’s language, the more they’ll resonate with you and want to work with you and ONLY you.

That means using their words. Their exact words.

People love to feel heard and understood. For example, when your dream clients read your social media post or website page and find themselves saying “OMG, that’s totally me!” or “Wow, this is exactly what I struggle with” they will feel a real desire to work with you.

Note: this isn’t about losing who you uniquely are. This IS about showing you understand them and speaking your dream clients language when you speak of their challenges and problems.

Tell your story

Don’t shy away from your own transformation. Tell your dream clients that you were where they are now and share your journey and how you can help them on their journey with that experience.

This is an amazing way to be authentic because you’re sharing something that has happened to you.

If you’re worried about putting yourself out there, just remember that someone reading has been, or is going through the same thing. Sharing these stories won’t alienate you, it will actually bring your dream clients to you.

You will probably surprise yourself with the results that you receive when you start to share these stories.

Create soulful copy, always

Don’t try to sound like anyone else. Soulful copy is not cookie-cutter. It’s so easy to see folks out there who seem like a good model and you feel like you need to imitate them to be successful, but that’s not true. The more you use your real voice, the more you’ll be able to really connect with your dream clients.

If you’re sassy, put that sass in your copy. Got a sense of humour?- that should come through. On the other hand, if you’re more serene, express that. Your copy should feel like a natural extension of YOU. It should feel aligned and not make you squirm.

Copy That Connects, Feels Soulful and Gets Results

When you produce copy that connects that is both compelling and authentic, you’ll know because it feels soulful AND gets results!

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