I help gifted coaches, healers and heart centred entrepreneurs like you to clarify their message, connect with their dream clients and become fully booked and in demand.

Best of all, we do it without being sleazy, pushy or salesy. Exciting, right? 

The Soulful Marketing Coach

hey there, I'm leigh


Because marketing shouldn't be the thing that holds you back from the impact and income you were born to make.

Straight from the soul marketing strategy


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What’s keeping your dream clients from  booking you?

before you scroll any further, LET'S FIND OUT

You’ve been building your business and you’re ready to take it to the next level. But you feel stuck and know you need the right help.

You’re here because you’re ready to make a huge impact

You're so done with the guesswork and just want to know exactly what works

You feel disheartened when you see surface level coaches reaching record months

You want to grow your business without sleazy, pushy and complicated marketing

You're struggling to get seen and sign your dream clients consistently

You're great at what you do and your work totally transforms your client's lives

Does this sound familiar?

(because as you know, soulful marketing is the secret to creating the business of your dreams). 

Here’s what you’re missing: soulful marketing that is truly aligned, completely authentic, has more heart and way less hustle.

Despite all your hard work, your marketing still doesn’t feel quite right or deliver real results.

using the exact formula I applied with top Hay House authors TO ACHIEVE INCREDIBLE RESULTS: 

with marketing that sets your soul on fire and lights you up. The kind that’s in complete alignment and gets results.

That can be your new reality 

You'll have soul led conversations - the kind that have your dream clients burst into song and do a victory dance in sheer joy at having found your support. And happily pay in FULL.


You'll create content that instantly connects to the heart of your dream clients. This connection moves things forward at rapid pace. Total strangers are inspired to reach out to work with you and ONLY you.


We'll get crystal clear on your magnetic message, your dream clients and your signature process so you can confidently connect with the clients of your dreams.


My straight from the soul system that lights up you and your business and supercharges your results. 

The Lit Method

so you want to know how?


“Message Leigh right now. She is utterly incredible, and will inspire you and show you how to achieve things you never even dreamed were possible.”


“ I was blown away by Leigh's ability to help me gain clarity about my message. I've never been so eager to deliver my gifts to the world.”


“Every time I have worked with Leigh I've come away clear, confident and ready to kick ass. She is an amazing coach.”


hey there!

I'm Leigh, the Soulful Marketing Coach 

I help gifted coaches like you bring your marketing into alignment to magnetise your dream clients effortlessly, get fully booked and share your light with the world.
How? Seamlessly blending intuitive coaching, 15+ years of marketing expertise, over a decade of transformational energy and belief work and my straight from the soul system, The Lit Method. 


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